IBC/ADR dieseltank

1000 to 3000 liter volume

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IBC/ADR diesel fuel tank type LB is available in volume from 1000 L. to 3000 L. The tank is certified according to valid environmental regulations and developed for forest-, farming- and construction machinery in the midsize to large range and provides independence from fuel stations. 

Once transported to the working area, it ensures optimal use of machine working hours. The tank can be transported filled with fuel or can be filled on site by a tankertruck.

Standard execution

The tank is delivered painted gray or green, with inspection cover, foot-bars, two suction connections, lifting plates with extra fixing holes for transportation, frost-safe condensation water box with drainage plug, level gauge and lockable hood.

Optional equipment
Different color
Oil locker (W=650, D=360, H=900 mm)
Lift chain or foldable lifting bar
Electrical pump 12 or 24 VDC incl. 4 m hose and manual nozzle
Automatic shut-off nozzle
Hoist for lift blades



Special design with lift equipment for track-type tractor blade, environment box and protection.


Dim. max L mm B mm H1 mm H2 mm Empty weight kg ca.
IBC/ADR 1000 1250 980 1250 1460 250
IBC/ADR 1600 1250 1250 1430 1870 300
Dim. max. L mm B mm H1 mm B/Dj/H mm Empty weight kg ca.
IBC/ADR 2000 1500 1360 1470 930/410/1000 480
IBC/ADR 3000 1900 1500 1550 930/410/1000 640

Wikers do continuous product development. Some technical details and dimensions are subject to change without notice.


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